Cosmetic Crowns

This patent always hated his dark, discolored teeth.  We renewed his smile in a month with cosmetic crowns. Now he looks and feels much better, and his smile comes much more easily Notice the discoloration, spacing, and irregular levels of the teeth in the 'Before' pictures that were corrected.  To read this patient's story, click here.

Below is a video of how these computer designed, computer fabricated crowns were planned:



Dental Implant Replacement of a Partial Denture

This patient lost his lower front teeth to gum disease, and had suffered with an uncomfortable, unaesthetic partial denture for years.  With a few dental implants, he got back the look, feel and function of his natural teeth, and threw away his partial forever. To read this patient's story, click here.



Dental Implant Replacement of a Lower Denture

This patient was missing most of his lower teeth due to decay, and years of his partial denture rocking on his few remaining teeth had loosened them to the point that his previous dentist had said he would need a complete denture.  With a several dental implants, he got back the look, feel and function of his natural teeth, and the natural teeth in back were saved by taking out the rocking partial and reducing the biting pressure. To read this patient's story, click here. 



Cosmetic Rehabilitation

After years of grinding his teeth while he slept, this patient had worn all his teeth down to a flat plane an eighth of an inch tall, and loosened two front teeth to the point that they fell out.  In the 'After' picture, you can see that he looks and feels much better in his new bridge. Even though he ground his natural teeth down to nothing, this bridge is completely secure and durable, because it's made with a material that can stand up perfectly to a sledgehammer! The proof is below:

Tooth clenching and grinding at night are serious problems that will ruin the comfort and appearance of the teeth, and eventually threaten their stability.  If you clench or grind your teeth, or you see your front teeth beginning to flatten off, don't wait until the problem is this bad!  A simple, painless treatment can stop the wear and save you thousands of dollars.  

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