Implants look and feel better than any other method of replacing teeth.  They are the strongest, most secure, and most customizable way to support a restoration.  Their success rate and lifespan are better than any other procedure in dentistry.  

In our office, we maximize the results of implant treatment using state-of-the-art technology to take a 3D x-ray and plan the exact placement of the implant to within a milimeter!

If you lost a tooth to cavities, implants can be better than your own natural teeth, because they don't decay. To see a few case studies of teeth replaced with implants, take a look at the links below.  Replacing one tooth is much faster and easier, but these patients' results show what's possible with multiple implant treatments:

Multiple-Tooth Implant Replacement

Complete Denture Implant Replacement

Implant Stabilized Dentures

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