In this case, this patient was fed up with his lower partial denture.  Because he had few natural teeth to rest it on, his partial moved when he chewed, causing pain and damaging the few remaining teeth until another dentist told him the only option left was a complete denture. We saved those remaining teeth, and with eight implants and a porcelain-covered bridge, this patient was able to throw his denture away forever!

Full Denture Implants Post

The finished implant bridge with the previous crowns on natural teeth behind

This patient is currently undergoing treatment to restore and align his natural upper teeth also, but he is smiling with confidence now that he doesn't have to worry about his old, loose lower partial denture with metal hooks. 

Full Denture Implants Smiling

There are many options to restore a full jaw or full mouth, with solutions for all budgets.  Other options include implant stabilized dentures and partials.

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