Studies show that as many as half of all denture patients suffer with dentures that don't fit or function right.

We recommend implants to all of our denture patients.  Every patient that goes from complete dentures to implant dentures can't believe the amazing improvement in fit, stability, and ability to chew like they used to. With just two to four implants, we can secure your denture so that you can eat foods like steak, fresh apples, and corn on the cob again.  With implants, upper dentures can be made with the roof of the mouth uncovered, so that you can better feel and taste your food like you used to.

Best of all, once your denture has been implant stabilized, it can always be upgraded.  By adding another few implants over time, you can get rid of your dentures completely, and have fixed, permanent bridges directly on implants that will look, feel, and function like your own, natural teeth.

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