Our patients are seeking treatment for injuries sustained in a number of different ways, but  the most serious TMJ symptoms we treat tend to come from car accidents.  The direct damage to the jaw joint in a collision is just the beginning.  The whiplash effect causes indirect damage to the neck, shoulders, and facial muscles.  In short, every muscle that supports the jaw joint gets damaged, so true healing is only experienced with treatment of all of the causes of the problem. 

Unfortunately, this type of treatment is beyond the expertise of most physicians, physical therapists, and dentists.  You can read more about TMJ injuries here.  

The good news is that injuries resulting from car accidents can usually be treated at no cost to the patient, with the car insurance company covering both the dental treatment and the physical therapy you need to recovery from a car accident.  It doesn't matter if you were biking, waking, or driving: you are entitled to have your injuries treated without having to pay for it.

If your mouth, face, jaw or neck have been injured in an auto accident, we can help.  Call us today at (718) 268-1561,  or request a consultation.

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