Checklist of Things to Do NOW Following a Car Accident

This is the list of essential considerations immediately following a car accident.  For more information, Click HERE.

In order to receive complete coverage for all accident-related injuries, these are the essential steps to take:

-Whenever an airbag deploys, report possible trauma and injury of the teeth and jaws.

-If you can feel ANY tooth damage (chips, looseness, pain or sensitivity), ask for a dental consult in the hospital.

-Confirm with your treating doctor that ALL injuries are documented, no matter how small.

-Confirm that any and all dentures and bridges are accounted for.  Otherwise, report them missing right away.

-Make sure to get legal representation right away.  We can help with this.

-Make sure that your attorney files an initial application for no-fault benefits (NF-2) that documents all areas that may have been injured.  This is essential in New York state.

-When the patient is fully awake and alert, carefully check all teeth, gums, and dental work both by feel and with a mirror in order to find any signs of damage or discomfort.

Most importantly, make sure that you are thoroughly examined and have X-rays taken by a dentist that's an expert in no-fault injuries and TMJ and pain management.  Call us at (718) 268-1561, or request a consultation now for any no-fault or auto accident claim. In our Forest Hills, Queens dental office, we've been treating no-fault and car accident patients for decades, as well as providing expert testimony and independent examinations (IMEs).