Choosing a New York Worker's Comp or No-Fault Dentist

choosing a no-fault or worker's comp dentist can be overwhelming.  Everything you really need to know is listed here.

choosing a no-fault or worker's comp dentist can be overwhelming.  Everything you really need to know is listed here.

We hear it from our patients, from lawyers throughout Forest Hills, Queens, and New York City in general, and over the phone every day:

"If I was injured in an accident while working or driving, how do I get my teeth fixed and my pain treated?"

Unfortunately, most dentists know absolutely nothing about how to navigate the process of New York workman's compensation and no-fault (car accident) insurance.  It's just not something that most dentists do.  In our office, we've been doing it for decades, working directly with attorneys AND insurance companies to speed the process of getting your treatment paid for and making you whole again.

Because fewer than 0.1% of dentists participate in workman's compensation or no-fault cases, few have any expertise.  For example, many that say they participate are actually new to the process, which means that they make errors in billing and pre-authorization that can delay treatment by months, or even get your care denied unnecessarily.  We have decades of experience with these cases, so we know exactly what information the insurer needs, and we send it to them quickly to minimize your wait before approval and treatment, whether you need dental implants, cosmetic crowns, or even replacement of damaged dentures.

In fact, of those dentists that do treat worker's comp or no-fault patients, many don't actually handle the communication with the insurance company.  Because they don't understand the systems that the worker's comp and car insurance companies use, they contract with outside companies to handle all their communications with the insurer.  This adds another layer of communication and slows down the process of getting your treatment approved, and it means that every appeal or change to the treatment is delayed, which can ultimately slow treatment by a matter of months.

That's why it's so important to work with a dentist that not only knows how to do the dentistry, but knows the ins and outs of the process. 

But that's not all.  Even if someone claims t be a worker's comp or no-fault dentist, AND they know how to solve your dental problems, most dentists don't appropriately treat problems for their injuries to the jaw joints (TMJs) and the muscles of the face, neck, and shoulders that support them.  Dr. Mondshine is an expert in these joint and muscle disorders, having completed hundreds of hours of postgraduate education to focus on this area that's commonly overlooked or misunderstood by dentists, physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists. 

We use a conservative, non-surgical approach, combining physical therapy, multiple technologies, and management of the forces on the jaw joints and teeth in order to help our patients recover their comfort and function.  Of course, this is also paid for by the insurer, with no additional cost to the patient.

If you were injured at work or while driving, are an attorney who wants your clients to be fully made whole after an accident, or you treat head and neck accident victims that need Dr. Mondshine's services, please call us today at (718) 268-1561, or schedule a consultation immediately.